Thursday, December 2, 2010

I dont seem to care about updates anymore, but what the hell.

Damn. Its been months since the last entry. Well i dont have anything to say i would just spout out to anybody, except for SMOKE WEED ERRY DAY!

You know, I actually do have a few things to say I spout out to about anybody and I suggest you do the same, SLUT.

Things to spout to strangers (improvement: While drinking!):
-To a woman passing by: SLUT.
-To a man (a buff man): FAGGOT.
-To a WWE wildlife activist: "Do you think because Pandas are chinese, theyre taking the one-child policy too seriously?"

And to spite the general populus, some of these work equally as well in getting your message across, and showing them you mean business.

Saggy Vagina Lips.
Youre beatiful.
Random Dick jokes followed by a compliment on her shoes.
Im gonna cum on your shoes.
Legalize Torture, here in the USA!

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