Thursday, December 2, 2010

I dont seem to care about updates anymore, but what the hell.

Damn. Its been months since the last entry. Well i dont have anything to say i would just spout out to anybody, except for SMOKE WEED ERRY DAY!

You know, I actually do have a few things to say I spout out to about anybody and I suggest you do the same, SLUT.

Things to spout to strangers (improvement: While drinking!):
-To a woman passing by: SLUT.
-To a man (a buff man): FAGGOT.
-To a WWE wildlife activist: "Do you think because Pandas are chinese, theyre taking the one-child policy too seriously?"

And to spite the general populus, some of these work equally as well in getting your message across, and showing them you mean business.

Saggy Vagina Lips.
Youre beatiful.
Random Dick jokes followed by a compliment on her shoes.
Im gonna cum on your shoes.
Legalize Torture, here in the USA!

Monday, October 25, 2010

420 #3: Straight edges









Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fucking Facebook [A cynical observation]

What is it these days about people that gets me so....dissappointed? There are some things. For one, we are all prone to like things with addictive properties. Second dissapointment is the media.

I dont know about you but facebook has a lot of my peers from this corner of the world (Western America) wound up in it. 53,248,312 People use Farmville actively. Theres A lot of wall post arguments and people reluctant to tell their news feed the lyrics of the song stuck in their head waiting for people to like it. People going to these ad-ridden sites to find quotes they "like". Its easier to like things other people made than to make something you like yourself.

I can see a connection now between all that nonsense, and these people in real life. Farmville has addictive properties. And by the way, every time you post your cow on your facebook wall, general mills gets money. More concerningly, Facebook is dumbing down the standards of communication, much like texting is. Hell, nobody can even so much as look each other in the eyes any more. Its insane. I decided im going to use my facebook account only as what it is; Contact with people whom otherwise I would not be able to contact. I am asking you to be open to suggestion to that one concept.

Friday, October 1, 2010

When you know dis nigguh smoked himself retarded.

We all remember those times. When you get so high you try to sit down but your already sitting down. Watching the Spanish channel at 2 am, and having brilliant conversations with yourself in your mind for what seems forever. It just warms me to hear these tales.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

If you were born in the early 1900s and did not watch the movie "Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland" you had no childhood. Disney and Nickelodeon combined could not even surmount the awesome art and trippy dreams from that movie. Ray Bradbury even had a part in writing the film adaptation.
Wait, what? Film ADAPTATION? Implying it was something else?
Yes, thats right, motherfucker. Beleive it or not, Little Nemo has been around for over 110 years!
If youve read up this far, you might be interested. Otherwise you never saw little nemo or you were too old, like the college guy who hears everyone talking about POKEMANZ and THEN tries to get into it. But us nostalgia junkies should know what im talking about. (Like for example, do you remember how back in the second grade, your class would take a day out of the month, push all the desks together and spend the day reading? Like pretty much every school in California did this.) Aw, nostalgia.
So thats what im feeling here. I came across the Little Nemo Comic "strips" from 1905 by Windsor Mckay.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A poem i wrote for Above the Influence.
I have a good time writing poems that obviously wont get submitted. Lets post some heart-felt stories about 'a friends' drug addiction!
I still remember the cry of our 3 year old baby girl
The way she screamed when her face
Delved into the concrete because she was high.
Why did you do this to her?
All she wanted was another hit from a pipe.
And I saw an empty shell of who she once was
Who YOU once were.
You might have felt good for the moment
But the dope made you a monster
and I dont know how to save your soul.
As for the child she is bound
In dope's harmful grasp
And I remember
All she wanted was another hit.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today, i made up the most offensive joke ever but it makes so much sense at the very end.

Read or don't, its just improvised content. Keep in mind im not bent on sac-religion all the time. Im just wierd thinking this is funny. You probably dont.

So the Pope and Mohammad are double teamin some dumb slut, when all of a sudden, some woman walks by and flashes her pinky out. Mohammad sees this and is
offended because he is middle eastern, and genetically they have the world's smallest genetalia. So he throws the woman aside, and says "You bitch! You think youre like, so fucking funny. Thats not very cool, you know." Then the pope pulls out of the slut hes fuckin and spills his seed on the floor. Now there's few things both the Pope and Mohammad probably agree. Things like abortion, masturbation, or issues, say, like when your fucking some dumb slut you must impregnate her.
So Mohammad ignores the woman, and cuts off the popes hands, relieving the pope of sin and getting Mohammad his pride back.
See, coming to an agreement between two incongruent assertions has always proven itself as the best way to solve a conflict.