Saturday, September 25, 2010

If you were born in the early 1900s and did not watch the movie "Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland" you had no childhood. Disney and Nickelodeon combined could not even surmount the awesome art and trippy dreams from that movie. Ray Bradbury even had a part in writing the film adaptation.
Wait, what? Film ADAPTATION? Implying it was something else?
Yes, thats right, motherfucker. Beleive it or not, Little Nemo has been around for over 110 years!
If youve read up this far, you might be interested. Otherwise you never saw little nemo or you were too old, like the college guy who hears everyone talking about POKEMANZ and THEN tries to get into it. But us nostalgia junkies should know what im talking about. (Like for example, do you remember how back in the second grade, your class would take a day out of the month, push all the desks together and spend the day reading? Like pretty much every school in California did this.) Aw, nostalgia.
So thats what im feeling here. I came across the Little Nemo Comic "strips" from 1905 by Windsor Mckay.


  1. For some reason that comic was not what I expected... wheres the cute fishie?