Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today, i made up the most offensive joke ever but it makes so much sense at the very end.

Read or don't, its just improvised content. Keep in mind im not bent on sac-religion all the time. Im just wierd thinking this is funny. You probably dont.

So the Pope and Mohammad are double teamin some dumb slut, when all of a sudden, some woman walks by and flashes her pinky out. Mohammad sees this and is
offended because he is middle eastern, and genetically they have the world's smallest genetalia. So he throws the woman aside, and says "You bitch! You think youre like, so fucking funny. Thats not very cool, you know." Then the pope pulls out of the slut hes fuckin and spills his seed on the floor. Now there's few things both the Pope and Mohammad probably agree. Things like abortion, masturbation, or issues, say, like when your fucking some dumb slut you must impregnate her.
So Mohammad ignores the woman, and cuts off the popes hands, relieving the pope of sin and getting Mohammad his pride back.
See, coming to an agreement between two incongruent assertions has always proven itself as the best way to solve a conflict.

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