Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The princess is my sanity.

I always have tried to follow the paths of our fictional heroes, such as Mario. But
the problem was, I had no bowser. I, myself, was my own bowser. What
do you do when the monster you wish to fight is inside yourself? Does
nintendos allegory still apply?
When does the fine line between this delusion and reality become evident? Drugs helped mario fight the monster within himself, but is this true in physical nature? Drugs are perhaps the answer, I say to myself while sipping a tall can and hitting a pipe. But why? The monster inside me has no nagging threat. After all, its not like I have a princess to save, nor do I want to save the princess. Im too fucked up for that, the contradiction being i must keep this monster inside of me. Or it will be me, who will end up staying inside.


  1. Drugs help you apply analogies to your real life. Who is the monster? Are you sure it's a monster? Control the beast and learn to use it for you.

  2. don´t do drugs, they could become the real monster.

  3. I like the comics mate. Keep them coming. :)

  4. Always question all your actions, the only way to grow.

  5. Smoke weed, Err'day.

    But seriously, nice post. Keep on thinking about it.

    Usually, it's best to avoid living life like a video game. You're unique, your life cannot be assessed by comparing it to that of a video game archetype.

    To each their own.